Founded in 2021, Canyon Data’s mission is to transform the commercial real estate data industry. With our proprietary process, using robotics, A.I., human collaboration, and local researchers, Canyon Data captures, verifies, and provides the most exhaustive dataset on the market.

By collecting and performing monthly updates on over 150 unique data points, Canyon Data delivers the most innovative and exhaustive dataset available to the CRE industry.

This empowers the commercial real estate industry to mitigate risk and make better data-driven decisions. Canyon Data launched in Boise, Idaho, and will expand to Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City in 2022.

We are building a bridge that traverses the opportunity gap informed by never-before-available content culled from a combination of technology and relationships. Because at the end of the day, all real estate is still local. And at a local level, people care about their communities and recognize that in order for the place to thrive, the people must thrive first.

Why Canyon Data?

Canyon Data is on a mission to transform the commercial real estate data industry by providing a more exhaustive dataset for Commercial Real Estate.

The commercial real estate industry has not figured out how to gather all the necessary information to create a dependable dataset for land and building characteristics or for accurate and comprehensive market activity. This leaves everyone with additional costs and risk.

Canyon Data helps solves this problem by implementing data collection systems at the local level. We do this by using the latest technology, local and international research teams that verify data, drones, and proprietary machine learning AI. Our process will fundamentally change the quality and level of data available to the CRE industry. 

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The future of CRE data

Intelligent and Premier Insights

By leveraging a Canyon subscription, subscribers will have access to every kind of demand driver needed to make fully informed decisions. The data sets are continuously updated and detailed over time, providing you maximum value for long-term profit.

Local People Local Information

Our process starts with a local boutique approach. We employ local researchers, well versed in CRE appraiser techniques, who build lasting relationships within the CRE industry. We combine this with state of the art A.I. and robotics to create an exhaustive dataset.

Unparalleled Information

You can expect up-to-date building approvals alongside accurate occupancy data and rental rates. Our processes help users derive data-backed insights to demand drivers and supply pipelines side-by-side.

Data You Can Trust

We update our information weekly and employ a variety of tactics to accomplish verification including local sources collaborating with proprietary tech and processes. We provide a precise 5-6 point rating system that is commonly used in appraisals for a competitive positioning of CRE investments.

Unprecedented Efficiency

No other datasource provides as much intelligence about commercial real estate or the seamless technology integration including selecting the right comparables all in one place and for one monthly subscription fee.