Canyon Data stands at the crossroads of relationships and technology because all real estate is still local.

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Our data is updated every 30 days to ensure you are getting the most current information and market activity.

Every property undergoes a thorough 5 step validation process to ensure you are getting updated, verified, and quality data.

Say goodbye to multiple subscriptions. Get all the information you need in a single platform containing an unparalleled dataset.


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With Canyon Data, your due diligence, market comps, and more are centrally located in one subscription.

Canyon Data’s proprietary collection process provides stakeholders with a continuously-updated dataset for all commercial real estate. It is too time-consuming and ineffective for any one in the CRE industry to cull this information on their own. We’re here to help by providing all the information and data you need to make better, quicker, and smarter moves.

Commercial Real Estate Data for the Boise Idaho Metro Area

In 2023, we will expand into Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington,
and Salt Lake City, Utah metro areas.

Our teams are experts in their fields and a part of the community they serve. We care about the long-term viability of commercial real estate and strive to deliver accurate, actionable information. While other companies simply scrape their data, our proprietary process, utilizing robotics, A.I., and human collaboration includes steps no one else is taking: verifying data to overcome the 40-50% data inaccuracy problem. This ensures you have access to real, current data you can trust.

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