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Data Subscription Best Practices

Effectively managing your Canyon Data license not only maximizes the value of your Canyon Data subscriptions, but also helps you to steer clear of liability risks.

STEP ONE – Designate a Canyon Data Administrator

If you have not already done so, designate someone within your company to be in charge of managing your Canyon Data license(s). This Canyon Data Administrator helps in at least three ways:

  • When an authorized user leaves your company, your Canyon Data Administrator calls Canyon Data to terminate the person’s Canyon Data access.
  • When more users or site licenses are needed, your Canyon Data Administrator notifies Canyon Data.
  • Your Canyon Data Administrator makes sure that your team understands the broad usage rights and specific prohibitions that apply to your Canyon Data services.

STEP TWO – Review Your License

Look at your initial license and any amendments to determine

  • How many sites are authorized under your Canyon Data license (“Authorized Sites”)
  • How many users are authorized under your Canyon Data license (“Authorized Users”)

Then identify which sites and which individuals are currently designated as Authorized Sites and
Authorized Users under your license. If you need assistance with this, contact Canyon Data
Sales/Account Executive and/or Canyon Data Customer Service.

STEP THREE – Audit Your Usage

Are any of your Authorized Users based at a site that is not licensed?

  • Do the total number of your partners, brokerage, research, sales, appraisal, or other similar personnel performing tasks exceed the number of Canyon Data Authorized Users?
  • Do any of the individuals designated as Authorized Users under your license work for a separate company with commercial real estate information needs?
  • Does your company provide any photos or information to listing services or other information providers without appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that you do not provide photos or information obtained from Canyon Data?
  • Does your company populate an internal database of commercial real estate information without appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure that you do not incorporate any photos or information obtained from Canyon Data without permission?
  • Are any of your Authorized Users sharing their passwords?

STEP FOUR – Contact Canyon Data

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions in Step Three, immediately contact Canyon Data at

Subscription FAQs

Your rights with a Canyon Data subscription.

I’d like to take text or photos from a Canyon Data service about a specific property and feature them in a printed flyer marketing the property. Is that okay?

Yes, absolutely. A Canyon Data customer may do so in connection with the ordinary course of its

What about taking text or photos from a Canyon Data product relating to a specific property and including it within a digital brochure that markets the space? Is that okay?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer may do so in connection with the ordinary course of its business.

May I email to a prospective or existing client a report or presentation that includes content from Canyon Data products?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer can send a presentation with property-specific and/or market trend
information and imagery via email to its prospective or existing client. The content being transmitted should be reasonably tailored to the needs of the client or prospective client.

What about market statistics? Can I include them from Canyon Data products into a general market research report for in-house use? How about clients’ or prospective clients’ use?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer may do so in the ordinary course of its business. But such general market reports should not contain building-specific or tenant-specific data obtained from Canyon Data, nor should the reports be sold or generally distributed.

(Note – This doesn’t limit the subscriber’s ability to create a report with property-specific and/or market trend information, whether for internal research or for presentation to a client. Rather, this solely addresses the creation of a general market report profiling a certain geographic area;

and is intended to preclude the use of the Canyon Data service to create a fungible listing directory.)

Can I incorporate market statistics from Canyon Data products into a press release or article?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer may incorporate a limited amount of market statistics (i.e., not building specific or tenant-specific data) from Canyon Data products into a press release or an article, so long as (i) “Canyon Data, Inc., www.canyondata.tech is cited as the source, and (ii) the statistics are calculated and described accurately.

I have an internal database (or other software) I’d like to populate with Canyon Data information, reports, photographs or other images. Is that okay?

Canyon Data customers use the Canyon Data services to conduct internal research, market properties, prepare valuations, and provide their clients with discrete amounts of information or imagery to aid in market analysis or leasing or purchasing decisions. In connection with such uses, Canyon Data customers may copy some material from Canyon Data into word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs. Other than this, Canyon Data customers should not integrate or incorporate textual information, reports, photographs, or images from Canyon Data into any database or software program for any purpose, including storage, analysis, or later use or retrieval, unless specifically authorized by Canyon Data in writing.

What about another information service? Can I take Canyon Data information, reports, photos or other images and submit them there?

No. A Canyon Data customer should not take content from Canyon Data products and post it on an
Internet listing service or provide it to other commercial real estate information services. Canyon Data has invested and otherwise continues to invest significant resources to build and maintain the valuable content in its services and it is unfair for Canyon Data’s competitors to profit from Canyon Data’s efforts.

My company has a website. Can I post information or photographs from a Canyon Data product here?

A Canyon Data customer that is a subscriber in good standing to the Canyon Data subscription or listing service may display solely on its own website photographs from the Canyon Data data/listing service that depicts properties that the licensee owns, controls, represents, or holds exclusives. Of course, in no event should any photographs from Canyon Data sources be provided to or appear on the website of another commercial real estate information service or Internet listing service.

Do I lose ownership rights when I submit a photograph, information, or imagery to Canyon Data?

No, absolutely not. You still retain any ownership rights you may have in the content you provide to
Canyon Data. You are not transferring ownership of a photograph or other information or imagery when you submit it to Canyon Data’s research professionals. You are free to use or distribute such
information, photos or other imagery as you see fit.

Can you tell me how Canyon Data’s services are licensed and priced?

Like other providers of information and software, Canyon Data restricts the use of its database services to those that have entered into proper license agreements. These license agreements specify the number and location of authorized sites and the number and names of authorized users at each such site. Customers pay fixed monthly amounts rather than fees based on actual system usage. Such monthly charges vary depending upon several factors, including
• Number of sites
• Organization size
• Number of services and markets to which a client subscribes.

Some customers enter into separate license agreements with Canyon Data for each office and product, whereas others enter into one national or regional agreement that covers multiple offices, products and markets. Please contact our sales department for more information on national or regional agreements.

Do subscribers need to renew their Canyon Data agreements? Or do they renew automatically?

In order to avoid service interruptions, the standard Canyon Data license agreement renews
automatically for successive one-year periods following the expiration of the initial term. Canyon Data has systems to process agreements with auto-renewal provisions. If a subscriber forgets to cancel their subscription in the first two months after their renewal date Canyon Data will honor the cancellation. If it is beyond 2 months the subscriber is locked in for the remaining year subscription.

Who can be Authorized Users under a customer license?

Authorized Users are those designated individuals included on a customer’s list of Authorized Sites and Users for the Canyon Data services. That list accompanies the license and may be modified from time to time. However, that list may include only the Customer’s employees or, if applicable, independent contractors who work solely for the Customer (i.e., they cannot be Authorized User if they also work for another firm with commercial real estate information needs).

If an employee leaves or is terminated, what do we do with their subscription?

If an authorized user leaves the customer’s business, contact Canyon Data to request a change. Canyon Data will turn off the specified user access. The license will remain open for the duration of the calendar year for the customer to reassign the license to a new authorized user. Subscription license refunds are not issued due to changes in customers’ personnel.

As a Canyon Data customer, do all my employees need to be included as Authorized Users?

In most cases, that ordinarily is not required. The basic idea is that the number of individuals at a firm benefiting from the Canyon Data subscription (i.e., the pertinent organization size) should not exceed the number of licensed Authorized Users. If it does, then additional Authorized Users need to be added. People who are not Authorized Users may not use a Canyon Data subscription product or receive customer service from Canyon Data.

What about passwords? I’m an authorized licensed Canyon Data user. May I share my password to Canyon Data products with other employees in my office or with people outside my office?

No, absolutely not. Each authorized user’s User ID, Password and, if applicable, variable key token
(collectively, “Password”) is meant for that individual user’s sole use and benefit in accordance with the applicable license terms and conditions. To protect Canyon Data and its customers, sharing passwords is strictly prohibited.

Key tokens?

Each licensed authorized user’s access to the Canyon Data’s services may be limited to the computer they use in their office. But what if you need occasional portability (e.g., when you’re traveling, visiting a client site or working from home)? You may purchase from Canyon Data an electronic apparatus called a key token that enables you to access the Canyon Data service from different computers. A key token is not meant to be used for sharing a single UserID/Password or otherwise circumventing an appropriate license, Authorized User count, or Authorized Site count.

What can I do to stop the unlicensed use of Canyon Data services by competitors?

Just like any online business, Canyon Data must fight piracy and unauthorized use. Such unlicensed use or copying of Canyon Data’s commercial real estate information services hurts you, the Canyon Data customer, because it reduces Canyon Data’s ability to
• Maximize Canyon Data’s services to their fullest potential
• Deliver them to you at fair prices and with high quality

Unlicensed use and copying also hurts you by providing your competitors who use but do not pay for the Canyon Data service with an unfair advantage. Working together, however, we can do something about this problem. Please alert us as to any suspected misuse of Canyon Data services by sending an email to support@canyondata.tech.

Are there exceptions to these answers and the standard license agreement?

Canyon Data account executives and other Canyon Data representatives are not authorized to grant any exceptions to the rules noted here or the standard license agreement. Only authorized officers of Canyon Data can make any exceptions to the standard license agreement. Such changes must be made in writing.

Canyon Data Media Rights -FAQs

What elements contained in Canyon Data products and services are Canyon Data Media?

Canyon Data Media is any photo, video, 3D virtual tour, or imagery created by Canyon Data for use in Canyon Data products and services, including Canyon Listings, a Canyon Data service.

As a Canyon Data customer, is it okay to include Canyon Data Media in my property’s marketing materials?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer with a valid license or subscription for Canyon Data’s service may do so in connection with the ordinary course of business, provided that such customers may only use Canyon Data Media for properties owned, controlled, or represented by the customer or for which the customer otherwise holds exclusives.

My company has a website. Can I post Canyon Data Media from a Canyon Data service here?

Yes. A Canyon Data customer with a valid license or subscription to Canyon Data may display Canyon Data Media on its own website that depict properties owned, controlled, or represented by the customer or for which the customer otherwise holds exclusives, provided that the Canyon Data Media is unaltered and displays the Canyon Data watermark.

As a Canyon Data customer, am I permitted to upload Canyon Data Media or my marketing materials that contain Canyon Data Media to other listing platforms, information services, or other competing services?

No. Under no circumstances shall such Canyon Data Media be posted or provided to third-party platforms, websites or listing services that compete with Canyon Data’s products and services.

As a Canyon Data customer, am I permitted to use Canyon Data Media in marketing campaigns on social media?

Yes. Customers may include Canyon Data Media on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, LinkedIn) so long as the customer owns, controls, represents or holds an exclusive for the property featured in the campaign

Am I permitted to modify Canyon Data Media so I can use it for my media and marketing campaign?

No. Canyon Data Media may not be altered or modified in any way. All Canyon Data branding,
watermarks and text, audio tracks and subtitles must be retained in its original form and displayed when using the Canyon Data Media on your company website, social media or any other medium as permitted by Canyon Data. For example, Canyon Data photos may not be cropped.

As a Canyon Data customer, how may I use the 3D virtual tours and videos outside of Canyon Data’s marketplaces?

Unless otherwise specified in your contract, the use of 3D virtual tours and videos outside of Canyon Data’s marketplaces is not permitted.

My Canyon Data subscription has either expired or been terminated. Can I continue to use Canyon Data Media in my marketing campaigns and materials?

No. When the subscription expires or terminates, the customer’s license to use Canyon Data Media
terminates, and customers are no longer permitted to use any portion of the relevant Canyon Data
product, including Canyon Data Media.

May I provide Canyon Data Media to news outlets to include in their reporting?

Yes. Canyon Data Media may be provided to external news outlets for inclusion in reporting about a specific listing or transaction involving the Canyon Data customer, so long as the watermark or other copyright notice on the Canyon Data Media is maintained, and credit is sourced as “courtesy of Canyon Data, Inc.”

I am a Canyon Data subscriber and would like Canyon Data to send Canyon Data Media by email or other form of direct transmission. Is this permissible?

No. Canyon Data cannot send Canyon Data Media to email accounts, cloud storage or other
communication portals that have are not approved channels of content distribution.

Please note that these FAQs are designed to be a plain language aid for our customers and not a
substitute for Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use or other applicable contract for a Canyon Data

How do I obtain Canyon Data Media?

Canyon Data customers are provided access to download files and links through its password-protected websites and customer portals. Customers are welcome to use Canyon Data Media at their discretion, so long as they abide by the terms of use.