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With a Canyon Data Subscription, you are leveraging nimble local research teams backed with international support, proprietary data collection processes, and machine learning.

Data Subscriptions

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Subscription Highlights

Subscriptions are on an annual contract. Lock in your monthly subscription with a yearly contract, to get access to the unprecedented data you need.

Your subscription provides access to every kind of demand driver needed to make fully informed decisions. Properties are validated, verified, and updated on a continual basis.

Stop wasting your time and money paying for multiple, incomplete, data subscriptions. Subscribe now.

*Annual Subscriptions are annual contracts. No early terminations, refunds, or cancellations are allowed.

*Month to Month Subscriptions are allowed to cancel after 2 months, provided the subscriber follows the cancellation requirements.

  1. For every 5 licenses sold, you get 2 free bonus licenses up to 25 licenses.
  2. For subscriptions greater than 25 licenses’ give us a call.

You can obtain discounts on your monthly subscription fee through our Data Discount Programs. Visit our data discount programs page to learn more.

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