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With a Canyon Data Subscription, you are leveraging nimble local research teams backed with international support, proprietary data collection processes, and machine learning.

Extensive Details (all features not listed) On Properties Including

Proprietary Qualitative Ratings
Verified Sales & Lease Comparisons
Map Layers for Zoning, Opportunity Zones, & Demographics
Property Ownership Information
Complete Parcel Matched Assessor Data
Construction Projects & Project Status
Mortgage Information
Rent Surveys
Advanced filtering, with extensive search options

We believe the future of CRE looks like

Intelligent and Premier Insights

By leveraging a Canyon subscription, subscribers will have access to every kind of demand driver needed to make fully informed decisions. The data sets are continuously updated and detailed over time, providing you maximum value for long-term profit.

Local People Local Information

Our process starts with a local boutique approach. We employ local researchers, well versed in CRE appraiser techniques, who build lasting relationships within the CRE industry. We combine this with state of the art A.I. and robotics to create an unparalleled dataset.

Unparalleled Information

Canyon Data is the first to provide demographics, business listings, traffic maps, and up- to-date building approvals alongside accurate occupancy data and rental rates. Our proprietary processes give our partners the data-backed insights to demand drivers and supply pipelines side-by-side to determine current and future market value.

Data You Can Trust

While our competitors simply scrape data, with no real verification process in place, our information is verified monthly. We employ a variety of tactics to accomplish monthly verification including local sources collaborating with proprietary tech and processes. We provide a precise 5-6 point rating system that is commonly used in appraisals for a competitive positioning of CRE investments.

Unprecedented Efficiency

The fact is, paying multiple monthly subscription fees and spending hours sifting through multiple data sets wastes your money and your time. Exhaustive data used to be cost-prohibitive to manage, but Canyon Data’s proprietary data collection process makes this possible. Canyon Data provides seamless technology integration including selecting the right comparables all in one place and for one monthly subscription fee.

Data Subscriptions

All data subscriptions are annual contracts paid either as a yearly lump sump (with a discount on this option) or monthly basis, to get access to the unprecedented data you need.

When you subscribe to Canyon Data you will have access to every demand driver needed to make fully informed decisions. At Canyon Data all properties are validated, verified, and updated continuously.

Stop wasting your time and money paying for multiple, incomplete, data subscriptions.

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At Canyon Data we are taking on a new level of responsibility to the CRE data industry by providing the best dataset possible. We endeavor to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information via our proprietary data collection process. When specific data is either not provided or unable to be disclosed, we provide a Canyon Estimate. These estimates are done at the local level utilizing CRE appraiser techniques to give our subscribers data they can rely on.