Comp Submission Discount Program

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Discount and Required Number of Properties

$50 monthly discount off your data subscription for qualifying information on 10+ properties per month

Program Details

Must have a Canyon Data subscription to take advantage of this program.

  1. To set up your data discount program please email
  2. How to send in property information once you have set up your discount program:
    • Send an email to with your forms attached
    • Email subject line to state data discount program, and your Company Name.
    • Attach the monthly submission forms for all 10 properties.

Examples of the information for a property can include

  1. Correcting recorded errors
  2. Provide updated information on a property could include
    • Contacts, including building owners, tenants or other individuals directly connected to the property
    • Building information to include a variety of details, including square footage, year built, year renovated, types of building materials such as foundations, exteriors, framing, HVAC, green components, elevators, and roof type.  For a completed list details please contact the research department.
    • Site details can include utilities to site, easements, entitlements, size and environmental.
    • Quality Photo of property personally taken, signing copyrights over to Canyon Data
    • Occupancy details to include tenant name, suite number, size of space
    • Sale information to include a variety of details such as, sale date, sales price, financing, cap rate, etc.  For a completed list details please contact the research department.
    • Lease information to include a variety of details, some of which are rent rate, concessions, term, etc.  For a completed list details please contact the research department.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  1. 1 property update equals 1 qualified information update
  2. 10 property submission updates are required per month to qualify for monthly discount.  
  3. Must state your name (name, company, and contact information) along with. The submitted information and supply proof if research requests.
  4. Credit is free for the first quarter (3 months) and will be continued if submissions meet the overall criteria of 10+ contributions per month.
    • You will need to send in 30 individual property updates in a 3-month time to qualify. 
    • To stay on the program, and receive the discount, you must submit 10 individual property updates per month, every month for 12 consecutive months.
  5. Discount will be discontinued if monthly criteria is not met. 
  6. Submission must include accurate, or nearly accurate information.
  7. Where applicable and when a non-disclosure agreement has been signed a close range (rounded figures) or approximation will suffice.
  8. Your card on file will be charged $50 each month if your participation does not meet the minimum monthly requirement.

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